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TECEsquare Flush Plates –
aesthetic with the option of flush-mounting.

TECEsquare exploits the effect of pure stainless steel and integrates perfectly into a modern bathroom architecture with its extremely flat design. Three narrow seams indicate the buttons for flush actuation - one large button for full flush and a smaller one for reduced flush.

To execute the unusual design, TECE developed a switch technology, which enables actuation with the two buttons. The toilet flush plate is largely installed within the wall with the help of a special assembly frame. Only the extremely flat stainless steel plate, which has a depth of just 3 mm, remains visible.

TECEsquare is also available with a glass cover. As in the TECEloop series, flush plates can be installed on the wall or – with the help of a special installation frame – completely flush-mounted.

TECEsquare flush plates with extra-flat structureExtra-flat structure
Simplified installation of the metal flush plate, because the assembly frame is no longer required.
Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 3 mm

TECEsquare flush plates with glass aestheticsGlass aesthetics
Suitable for flush-mounted installation. For front or top actuation.
Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 11 mm

The toilet flush plate TECEsquare metal is honoured with the Design Plus Prize and red dot design award 2010 and furthermore nominated for the Design Prize Germany 2010 and 2011.