It looks like an ordinary toilet, but this toilet has much more to offer.



Perfect intimate hygiene with warm water

Paper and bottom – we have become used to it on the toilet, but it is not hygienic. This combination being accepted on the toilet is more due to the fact that there are no affordable alternatives, rather than that people are happy with the situation. TECE has now integrated the traditional bidet into a toilet using modern technology: An inexpensive shower toilet was created, without technical gimmicks, but at last making perfect intimate hygiene with warm water possible. There are no electronics, pumps, or electrical water heating – in favour of design and comfort.


No water tank, no power supply and no boiler – just fresh warm water

The innovative thing about TECEone with bidet function is its consistent reduction down to the essentials: There is no water tank, no power supply and no boiler, no dangling cables or hoses – just fresh warm water from the main, which can be adjusted to the exact degree. The voluminous warm water jet delivers up to five litres per minute, and does not consume more than an economy washbasin tap, but offers a far higher degree of washing comfort than other well-known shower toilets with a far lower pumping volume.


Simple elegance with two knobs

The aim of the designers was to discretely integrate the comfortable use into the toilet’s silhouette: To the left and right of the seat there are operating knobs which are intuitively used to adjust the water volume (right) and water temperature (left). The centrally located shower rod extends automatically through the water pressure when the function is activated by turning the knob.

Fair Price

Hygiene does not have to be a luxury

The TECEone is conceived as an absolutely normal toilet with design character – with the bidet function as the cherry on the cake. Logically, the wall-mounted toilet boasts other features apart from the core toilet function. The ceramic body is state-of-the-art rimless – and can thus be cleaned quickly and easily. The ergonomic toilet seat has been optimised: A soft close mechanism is fitted, avoiding noise, while a specially-developed fitting solution ensures a wobble-free seat – for years. TECE is aiming at a broad market with this product. It is not supposed to appeal to the majority just because of its design; the price is also intended to appeal to those customers who want more hygiene and design attributes, but who up to now could not find acceptable value for money.

        versus gadgets“

Martin Krabbe, Head of Product Development at TECE

Deep in the subject matter: Martin Krabbe with the TECEone toilet seat that he developed.


Those who know him know that: Nobody is more of an expert. Martin Krabbe and his team have been researching and developing in the field of shower toilets for nearly three years. The original question was: What would a shower toilet look like, if TECE developed one? The answer can be given today: Much more simple, without power supply and only with components that the trade can handle.

Has the world been waiting for this new shower toilet?

Mr Krabbe: Until now shower toilets have primarily been manufactured for the Asian market and saw only secondary use in Europe. We have developed a shower toilet for the European cultural region – which does not exclude use in Asia.

What is the difference?

Mr Krabbe: A European considers the bath and toilet in terms of the time period oriented to the use of the building. Complicated electronics are a purchase hindrance because many people believe that they will need an update every few years anyway. At TECE we focus on the core function of the shower toilet, and on tried-and-trusted technology. Our warm water comes fresh from the pipe, and our thermostat element has been in use for the last 30 years. We need no power supply, and no cables or external supply lines.

So it is low-tech against high-tech?

Mr Krabbe: I would rather say: Functionality versus gadgets. Or do you assume that self-opening toilet lids satisfy a serious demand in central Europe? We have concentrated on and optimised the cleaning function with water. From our point of view, more water and less technology mean better and more pleasant cleaning performance. We use five litres per minute, and recommend around 28 degrees of warmth. On top of this: Today especially high-tech often manages with fewer operating elements. For example we only have one knob each for quantity and temperature – anyone can operate it. Can you remember the mobile phones before the first iPhone? They had lots of buttons.

What does it mean for the design when toilet cultures clash with each other?

Mr Krabbe: Our consumer research says: Lots of people would like to clean with water. But a toilet has to match the bathroom, and not look like a toilet monument. Aesthetics and function have to work together and make themselves useful. People see the toilet as something intimate and personal – and nobody wants to have to study the remote control when they have an urgent call of nature.

What, in your view, is the strongest argument for a TECEone with bidet function?

Mr Krabbe: Its perfectly integrated wash function and its mass-market value for money.